The Ukrainian NGO “Impact Force” announces a tender for proposals from experienced design agencies or specialists to provide design services within the framework of the program aimed at the energy sector of Ukraine.
The services will be provided within the framework of the program implemented by the NGO “Impact Force” with the support of the project “Promoting Energy Efficiency and Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Ukraine”, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and co-financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

RELEVANCE: According to the World Bank, Russia’s war against Ukraine and targeted missile attacks have taken a heavy toll on Ukraine’s energy sector. They have caused severe infrastructure damage, power outages, economic losses, and risks to public safety, and are hindering the country’s progress toward a sustainable energy future. Estimated damage is at least $1.2 billion, although the true extent of the destruction in areas under Russian control remains uncertain due to limited information.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: The program aims to nurture a new generation of progressive leaders and create an inclusive ecosystem that will enable energy innovators to lead energy efficiency renovation efforts and help move Ukraine towards a secure and sustainable energy future.
This initiative aims to identify energy efficiency market players and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to make a significant difference in the energy sector and Ukraine’s economy as a whole. The program goes beyond traditional business education: it not only addresses the immediate business needs of participants, but also develops a culture of sustainable and innovative energy solutions.


  • Develop a stakeholder map of at least 50 key organizations and businesses in various sectors that offer or produce innovative energy solutions in Ukraine.
  • Conducting a business needs assessment to identify and address the immediate, medium and long-term needs of the participants.
  • Creating a network of innovative market players in the field of energy efficiency to lay a solid foundation for Ukraine’s sustainable energy future.
  • Providing targeted expert advice and management assistance from top-notch international and local experts to improve participants’ business plans and presentations, and thus increase their commercial attractiveness to national and international buyers.
  • Organization of a Demo Day, during which 30 finalists will meet with international experts and potential buyers.

GEOGRAPHY: Government-controlled territories of Ukraine.

December 2023 – April 2024

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS: December 12, 2023 until 18:00 Kyiv time.

Validity period of the price offer: the price offer must be valid for 30 calendar days.

ORGANIZATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Legal entity or Individual entrepreneur under the legislation of Ukraine. Payment for the goods/services will be made exclusively in non-cash form, in accordance with the concluded agreement and the act of work performed (services rendered).

The purpose of the services is to provide comprehensive communication services within the framework of the program implementation.

  1. Stakeholder engagement and comprehensive communication strategy:
  • Development of branding, name and manifestations of the program in accordance with the main idea and involved partners
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy targeting key stakeholders in the energy sector in Ukraine.
  • Create and manage a targeted media campaign to raise awareness of the program.
  • Collaboration with relevant government agencies, donor organizations, business associations and professional organizations to effectively disseminate information about the program.
  • Use a variety of channels (website, social media, etc.) to communicate and provide updates to stakeholders and potential participants.

2. Content creation and distribution:

  • Develop and distribute high-quality content in Ukrainian and English on various platforms to engage stakeholders and potential participants.
  • Creating successful stories, testimonials, case studies, and various content formats (interviews, infographics, etc.) that highlight the program’s achievements and development.
  • Collaboration with partner organizations to mutually promote successful stories.
  • Cooperation with the media to disseminate information about the program and raise awareness.

3. PR services and support in organizing events:

  • Development of a detailed communication strategy, including success stories and key program milestones.
  • Support for the organization and promotion of the Demo Day event with international experts and potential buyers, including speed dating sessions and partner search events.
  • Development of materials for the event.
  • Assist in communication with selected international experts and potential buyers to ensure their participation in the event.

4. Metrics and reporting:

  • Regular reporting (upon request) that measures the impact of communication activities against defined metrics.
  • Media monitoring based on keywords and topics, as well as competitors.
  • Providing conclusions and recommendations based on analytics and data collected during communication and marketing activities.


  • proposed price offer (by format)
  • list of works to be performed
  • description of experience in performing similar works in any form


  • law degree;
  • at least 1 year of work experience;
  • experience in providing services for projects with donor funding will be an advantage;
  • experience working with projects in the energy, environmental, and international organizations will be an advantage;
  • experience working with large projects involving several partners in project implementation.



The Tender Committee will evaluate the bids.

The maximum score (70) for the price proposal will be given to the candidate with the most cost-effective proposal. Each subsequent price proposal will be evaluated accordingly and proportionally with a margin of 10 points from the highest score.

The price proposal must be fair and reasonable.

The maximum score (30) for the qualification proposal will be awarded to the candidate who meets all the requirements set forth above, as well as has evidence of relevant previous experience in successfully completing this type of work and projects.


You can send your financial and qualification proposal to these e-mail addresses: energy@theimpactforce.org and finance@theimpactforce.org. Additional information is available at energy@theimpactforce.org.

NOTES: This tender is an invitation to submit proposals and does not constitute a binding agreement.The Employer reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.