Exciting Opportunity for Energy Efficiency Innovators! 🌟

Join the “Innovators in Energy Efficiency for Ukraine” program to gain specialized expert guidance, operational enhancements, and investment prospects, shaping Ukraine’s energy sector positively. 🚀

What participants will receive:

  • Assessment of immediate, medium-term, and long-term business needs.
  • Targeted expert consultations from esteemed international and local experts to refine business plans, presentations and positioning of your business and innovation component.
  • ⁠Networking opportunities with innovative market players.
  • ⁠Participation in an exclusive Demo Day featuring interactions with international experts, potential buyers and investors.
  • Access to a community comprising 50+ prominent organizations and enterprises offering innovative energy solutions in Ukraine.

📅 Application Deadline: January 29 2024

🔗 Apply Now: https://wkf.ms/41gjiFD

5 companies showcasing the most innovative solution components and potential will secure a coveted spot in Impact Business Accelerator Program.