Who we are
Transforming social behaviour and business to achieve socially impactful results.
United leadership, expertise, human potential, to foster a sustainable, prosperous Ukraine with a strong voice in the modern democratic world.
Collaboration — we unite. Diversity & Inclusion – we value. Authenticity & Creativity — we drive. Sustainability & Transparency — we care. A win-win mentality — we synergise.
Board of Directors
Nina Levchuk
Olga Diakova
Olga Danko
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Board of Advisors
Alina Nosenko
Jung Suh
Mathreyi Seetharaman
Svitlana Kovalchuk
Andriy Futey
Anna Ogrenchuk
Kateryna Spivakova
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Impact Forces
Nataliya Kozak Klaverstijn
Chief of Strategy
Galina Sondergaard
Project manager
Viktor Matsyshin
Head of Mental health
Yuliia Pitenko
Project manager
Olena Parfonova
Head of education and kids aid
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Impact Force Circle

The Impact Force Circle is a group of renowned businesses and organizations dedicated to fostering international cooperation.

Through the Impact Force Circle, we canvass discussion, collaboration, and new ideas to help spread the word about our projects and enhance social behavior change with a positive and lasting impact. They are an important voice in many facets of our work.