A Ukrainian NGO focussed on social behaviour change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities and taking action for the common good
strategic focus areas
Domestic business & talents through social economy
Gender equality & human rights
Sustainable health
Climate change & Food security
Ukrainian heritage: culture, art and history
fields of expertise
Education & growth
Strategy and road map development
Behavior changing & transformation
Management consulting
Social impact communication
Match making: investors & partners / donors
Social impact assumption / break-down session
We united world leaders, transnational corporations, international NGOs and best-in-class education practices from the world’s leading institutions in order to create a powerful community and an effective ecosystem to help create a prosperous, modern democracy. Our goal is to enable, develop and strengthen the voice of Ukraine around the world and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable economic recovery within Ukraine.


What will be the role of women in the restoration of Ukraine?

How can the country improve the conditions for fair competition in the labor market and promote the development of women’s social entrepreneurship.

Empowering Displaced Ukrainian Women for the Future

The “Dream and Achieve” program amplifies the aspirations of displaced Ukrainian women.

Request for Proposal (RFP): Invitation to Provide Survey on Role of Digital Economy and Livelihoods among Displaced Women

All qualified and interested providers are invited to submit their proposals.

Request for Proposal (RFP): Invitation to Provide Data Management Services

All qualified and interested providers are invited to submit their proposals.