A Ukrainian NGO focussed on social behaviour change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities and taking action for the common good
strategic focus areas
Domestic business & talents through social economy
Gender equality & human rights
Sustainable health
Climate change & Food security
Ukrainian heritage: culture, art and history
fields of expertise
Education & growth
Strategy and road map development
Behavior changing & transformation
Management consulting
Social impact communication
Match making: investors & partners / donors
Social impact assumption / break-down session
We united world leaders, transnational corporations, international NGOs and best-in-class education practices from the world’s leading institutions in order to create a powerful community and an effective ecosystem to help create a prosperous, modern democracy. Our goal is to enable, develop and strengthen the voice of Ukraine around the world and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable economic recovery within Ukraine.


Innovations for Mine Action and Future Security: Insights from Davos

“ReStart Mindset” program for women defenders of Ukraine starts in Kyiv in February

Tender for the purchase of design services

Tender for procurement of legal services