Impact Force Forum 2024: Effective Solutions for Strengthening Ukraine’s Continuous Resilience

Top experts will tackle issues like mental health recovery, fostering favorable environments for impact businesses and social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, and the increasing role of women in every aspect of life.

Scheduled for May 21, 2024, at the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel, the Impact Force Forum 2024 aims to bring together the public and private sectors, non-profits, and international partners to strengthen Ukraine’s stability. In five panel discussions, participants will exchange insights and best practices to address the devastating consequences of war and establish a foundation for future growth.

The forum will delve into various aspects of bolstering stability in Ukraine, emphasizing practical solutions with significant, long-term impacts on both humanitarian and economic fronts. Key topics include psychological support for the population, economic sustainability through innovation, investment attraction, social entrepreneurship development, and digital resilience. Additionally, discussions will focus on ecological restoration, harnessing human potential, and creating retraining and employment opportunities for those affected by the war

“Overcoming these challenges and ensuring continuous resilience requires collaboration. We need an ecosystem where social innovators, individuals, and businesses can come together not just to generate profits but to contribute positively to communities and the nation. Much progress has been made in two years of conflict, but more remains to be done. Every project and program now should aim for a lasting social impact. This forum will illuminate opportunities, provide people with knowledge and tools, and coordinate efforts for change and a better future,” said Nina Levchuk, co-founder of Impact Force.

Beyond the panel discussions, two key programs will showcase their outcomes: “Innovators in Energy Efficiency for Ukraine” and “ReStart Mindset.”

“Innovators in Energy Efficiency for Ukraine,” a comprehensive acceleration program, supports Ukrainian companies developing energy-efficient solutions. During the forum, 30 finalists will present projects that reduce short-term costs while facilitating the adoption of advanced technologies for the nation’s recovery.

The “ReStart Mindset” program, designed for women who defended Ukraine, aims to boost participants’ mental health and resilience, preparing them for career growth. This year, 90 women veterans and their family members have joined the initiative, and many will share their stories.

“War demands both physical and mental resilience. Our nation’s progress hinges on recognizing this, as only those who can handle psychological challenges can support themselves, help others, and contribute effectively. The forum will introduce innovative, scalable solutions to help us not only recover from the war but move forward towards victory,” stated Olga Diakova, head of the Impact Force Forum 2024 organizing committee.

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