Impact Force, a Ukrainian NGO, powered and supported by numerous Ukrainian and international partners, launches a business accelerator Impact Business for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are committed to recovery efforts in the most impacted areas of Ukraine’s economy.

Impact Force, a Ukrainian NGO, powered and supported by numerous Ukrainian and international partners, launches a business accelerator Impact Business for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are committed to recovery efforts in the most impacted areas of Ukraine’s economy.

Impact Business, presented at discussion “Social innovation movement as a key for just, sustainable and equitable recovery of Ukraine” at Palantir Pavilion on World Economic Forum on January 17,  is an in-depth acceleration program created for the active businesses registered in Ukraine that will contribute to the post-war recovery of Ukraine and create positive and lasting social impact with an estimated increase of $250+ mln towards the GDP of Ukraine over 5 years.

This pilot program will support 25 Ukrainian businesses working in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, cybersecurity and other industries that aspire to incorporate social impact as part of their strategy. The larger goal of the pilot is to build a strong ecosystem encouraging more businesses driven by a social mission to reinvest profits into creating positive social change as well as fostering a social impact economy in post-war Ukraine.

By joining the Impact Business acceleration program and meeting its criteria, successful applicants will get access to live lectures, workshops and studies focused on incorporating social impact into their strategy as well as general business growth topics and advisory support from world known experts, coaches and mentors, as well as access to investors and global tech resources.

According to the results of the program, the two enterprises with the best results will have the opportunity to get/encourage financial support of up to 20,000 euros per team.

Financial support will be provided in the form of smart grants from the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund and within the “Collaborate for Impact” project, which is funded by the European Union and implementing in partnership with EVPA.

The potential of the Ukrainian sector of social entrepreneurship is very significant, because volunteerism and social entrepreneurship are in the blood of Ukrainians. Ukraine is a kind of beehive, in which the extraordinary self-organization of people surprises the world, and horizontal connections make it possible to quickly and efficiently solve complex challenges at unprecedented scale. This was evident both during the Maidan and after the beginning of the Russian aggression.

“We strive to nurture changemakers and build an ecosystem that is passionate about a brighter future for Ukraine. By launching Impact Business we want to empower a new breed of entrepreneurs in Ukraine, foster social entrepreneurship and help social innovators navigate the challenges and make their impact louder and more visible” — Nina Levchuk, co-founder at Impact Force NGO.

“Full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed our vision of the role of business in society. It is already clear that the business cannot work according to the old rules: I sell a product and make a profit. Ukraine needs recovery, and therefore business must become responsible and not only generate profit, but also bring qualitative changes. Social influence should be one of the key indicators of the development of every business. The recovery of Ukraine in various fields will require quick innovative solutions with a large social impact. That is why an important component of the acceleration program will be a focus on social impact, technologies for its formation and measurement.”  — Alena Kalibaba Co-founder SILab Ukraine & СЕО Ukrainian Social Venture Fund (USVF)

“Support of business development in Ukraine is one of the priorities for the Ministry of Digital Transformation. A full-scale russian invasion to Ukraine greatly affected the usual course of development of businesses, and therefore it has major impact on the economy of the entire country. In the Ministry, we implement many initiatives to support entrepreneurs, provide them with resources, knowledge, inspiration and opportunities to start and scale their own business, despite all the circumstances. We believe that the Impact Business acceleration program will strengthen the position of entrepreneurs in the market in these times of unprecedented challenges and will be a part of a positive impact on the post-war economy.” — Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

“The research is clear: When social businesses thrive, communities thrive. When communities thrive, nations can thrive. We are honored to be supporting these future heroes of recovery efforts that are choosing the arduous – yet rewarding –  journey of building businesses that support economic recovery while equally prioritizing social good and environmental sustainability.” — Mark Horoszowski, Co-founder & CEO, MovingWorlds.org

“Bringing Impact Force together with powerful tech and government partners is a clear sign that collaborations are critical – both for recovery efforts in Ukraine and for future responses to global crises. As Tech To The Rescue, we are proud to have supported the Impact Force project along with 115 other initiatives to leverage technology for humanitarian response. With nearly 700 tech companies still willing to engage in pro bono projects for Ukraine, we continue our mission to forge even more impactful collaborations” — Daniel DiGiusto, Co-founder of Tech To The Rescue.

“Fostering entrepreneurship will have a vital role in re-building Ukraine’s economy and its position in the region. Thanks to a proper combination of technology and experience, Impact Business will provide key know-how and advisory, allowing local entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters. As the technology partner of the program, I’m glad that our people were able to support Ukraine with their skills and knowledge”  Marek Talarczyk, CEO at Netguru.

“We support the development of Ukrainian entrepreneurship, which is extremely important for recovering Ukraine’s economy. The 25 companies participating in the first wave of the accelerator will receive knowledge and help to improve their professional activities and bring a social component to their work. Social business is the most promising entrepreneurship model, proving its effectiveness over time.” — Anna Ogrenchuk, a managing partner of LCF Law Group, the president of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Impact Business Accelerator Program, initiated by Impact Force NGO, is powered by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office and national project Diia.Business, supported by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the WEF Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, academics and alumni from the University of Cambridge, in partnership with SiLab Ukraine, MovingWorlds.org (backed by SAP, Unilever, and EY, among others), Netguru, Tech To The Rescue, Phineo and LCF Law Group, leading Ukrainian Social Society organizations.

About organizers and partners 

About Impact Force

Ukrainian NGO focussed on social behavior change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities and taking action for the common good.

About SiLab Ukraine

SILab Ukraine is a professional platform for:

  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation development
  • Impact investment promotion
  • Social partnership building

About Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine 

State body responsible for designing and implementing the state policy in the sector of digitization, open data, national electronic information resources and interoperability, introducing e-services and more. 

About Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office 

State institution that operates for the effective development of entrepreneurship and exports and promotes the updating of the Strategy for small and medium entrepreneurship in Ukraine and the development of unified programs to support SMEs.

About Diia. Business

Large-scale national project for entrepreneurship and export promotion, that was initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in February 2020. Since May 2021 the project is implemented jointly by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office (ЕЕРО). EEPO is the state institution that is in charge for the promotion and support of Ukrainian entrepreneurship both in the domestic and foreign markets.

About MovingWorlds.org

MovingWorlds.org operates a global platform that convenes partners from all sectors to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable economy. Our TRANSFORM Support Hub helps corporations from around the world connect with and empower social enterprises, while also educating and engaging their employees on social innovation.

About Tech To The Rescue 

Tech To The Rescue is the world’s largest network of non-profits and tech companies ready to collaborate on digital tools to solve social and environmental problems. We help tech companies willing to use their skills for social good to get connected with impactful non-profits seeking technological assistance to boost their projects.

About Netguru

Netguru is a consultancy, product design, and software development company founded in 2008. Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently – offering consulting, tools and resources to companies of all shapes and sizes – to make beautifully designed digital products in a way that’s fast and fits their needs. The company has completed more than 1000 projects, and has 900+ people on board working from all over the world. Since 2020 Netguru is a Certified B Corporation meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Netguru is also one of the founding companies of Tech To The Rescue.

About Phineo 

PHINEO is a non-profit research and analysis institute and consultancy for impact-driven civic engagement. PHINEO’s mission is to strengthen the civil society and social impact in order to solve society’s toughest challenges.

About LCF

LCF Law Group is a leader in Ukraine’s legal market, specializing in a number of industries, such as Agribusiness, Banking & Finance, Energy & Natural resources, IT & Telecom, Gambling, Manufacturing & FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Retail & Commerce, Transportation & Infrastructure. LCF provides legal advice on corporate, banking, and finance matters, as well as litigation services in administrative and civil law, bankruptcy, competition, commercial, corporate, employment, financial, IP, land, and tax law. LCF and its leading professionals are recognized by international and local ratings, including Chambers Europe, Chambers Global, Best Lawyers, Benchmark litigation Europe, The legal 500, IFLR 1000, World tax, etc.